Mergers, Acquisitions and Disposals

We align our efforts to those of our clients while remaining independent and objective and relentlessly driving the transaction forward


Many companies seek growth through acquisition or merger. The objective of the acquisition or merger process is often to achieve a whole which is greater than the sum of the parts.

Conversely, shareholders and investors often seek an exit having taken the enterprise as far as they can or wish to.

Diamond Splash works with clients at all phases of the process to achieve its clients’ aims.


Diamond Splash assists clients in developing and implementing their strategy for acquisition, merger or disposal:

  • Identifying and evaluating possible targets;
  • Making the approach;
  • Negotiating a deal framework and transaction terms;
  • Assisting in raising the acquisition finance;
  • Coordinating all of the transaction parties;
  • Project managing and driving the transaction to completion.


Initial Stages

We work with clients to identify key requirements from a transaction and its financial implications:

  • Valuation – what is affordable or achievable?
  • How to make an approach that optimises the chances of success;
  • How to structure a deal allowing the parties meet their own objectives;
  • How to manage the business during a period of significant management distraction.

Negotiations and Completion

Managing transaction negotiations effectively requires a clear focus and objectivity, an ability to be creative and flexible and the capacity to develop and enhance relationships. All of this is to be achieved while maintaining transaction momentum which means relentlessly driving the transaction to completion. We assist clients by taking the lead role in transaction management. Achieving a successful conclusion is our exclusive focus.