CEDR Accredited Mediator

The mediation process is business friendly, adaptable, quick and cost effective. Peter’s commercial background and experience uniquely qualify him to assist parties in dispute to achieve effective resolution outside the court processes


The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (“CEDR”) is the leading professional services consultancy providing access to expertise in a range of problem solving disciplines used to achieve resolution in conflict in business. CEDR Accreditation is internationally recognised as the standard of excellence.

Peter Coyne – CEDR Accredited

Peter Coyne qualified as a CEDR Accredited Mediator in February, 2014. Alternative dispute resolution processes drive down the cost and time spent in resolving business disputes compared with legal and court processes. Peter was attracted to this area of activity having spent six months working on one side of a dispute, involving many tens of millions, which was advancing slowly and with no end in sight. Working with his client he embarked on an alternative dispute resolution process. Ultimately, resolution was quick and effective. It saved millions of euro in legal fees and critically it freed management from the burden of what could have been many months even years in a frustrating court process.

Peter Coyne – Experience

As an area of professional practice alternative dispute resolution is populated by mediators coming from a legal background. Peter through his working career has gained a keen insight into the principles of commercial law but also is coming from a very pragmatic commercial background. Much of Peter’s working career has been in issue and conflict resolution associated with transaction activity. Resolution of issues and conflicts requires good relationship building skills on top of thorough analysis and negotiation skills. Peter’s experience qualifies him uniquely for practice as a commercial mediator.