Business Advisory

Our work is finished when our client has a clear strategy, the steps for its implementation, the resources in place and the support and commitment of the team to execute it


Diamond Splash works with clients to develop and give effect to long term strategic and business plans that will help them grow through evolving business environments and the constantly changing economic backdrop.


Diamond Splash assists clients to:

  • Prepare and evaluate robust long term strategic plans and the interim steps to make them happen;
  • Prepare short term project assessments and business plans;
  • Develop the appropriate capital structure and realistic funding options; and
  • Negotiate funding and investment terms with banks, private investors and institutional investors.

Diamond Splash also assists banks and investors in challenged client circumstances.


Strategic Plan

We work with our clients to identify what’s at the core of their business offering, what makes them different and what they really want to achieve. We bring a fresh and creative perspective and challenge the conventional. At all times we evaluate risk and reward seeking to achieve the appropriate balance. We work until we reach agreement and marshal the support of all stakeholders in the new strategy.

Business + Project Plans

We work through the financial analysis. We test assumptions. We reality check the plan against the available resources and the requirements of the debt and equity funding markets.

Funding and Investment

We develop the capital structure and prepare the funding plan where required. We negotiate on behalf of our clients, with the risk reward balance at the forefront of all we do.